VCash Information

VCash is a prepaid debit account on your VCard which has applications both on and off campus. VCash is separate and distinct from meal plan.

VCash can be used both at the on-campus resources listed below, and off campus.

Places to use your VCard on campus

VCash is also accepted off campus by certain merchants.


How do I deposit funds?

Funds may be deposited to your VCard account in three ways:

  1. Online, using VISA, MasterCard or American Express.
  2. By a charge that can be made in the Card Office located in the Computer center.  The charge is billed home.
  3. By placing cash in the VTS (Value Transfer Station) located in the Main Building by the Cashiers Office. 

How much should I initially deposit?

Here's a quick calculation of what might be the best amount to start off your VCash account with:

Laundry $40
Copies $10
Off Campus (cafés and such) $120
Total recommended deposit: $200


VCash policies

  1. The VCash account is available to every member of the Vassar community: students, faculty, staff and administrators.
  2. The VCash account remains active for the duration of a student's academic career.
  3. All funds stay in your account until it is closed upon graduation or when a student withdraws from the college. If an account is greater than $5.00 the balance will be refunded.