VCash Information

VCash is a prepaid debit account on your VCard which has applications both on and off campus. VCash is separate and distinct from meal plan.

VCash can be used both at the on-campus resources listed below, and off campus.

Places to use your VCard on campus

VCash is also accepted off campus by certain merchants.


How do I deposit funds?

Funds may be deposited to your VCard account in three ways:

  1. Online, using VISA, MasterCard or American Express.
  2. By a charge that can be made in the Card Office located in the Computer center.  The charge is billed home.

How much should I initially deposit?

Here's a quick calculation of what might be the best amount to start off your VCash account with:

Laundry $40
Copies $10
Off Campus (cafés and such) $120
Total recommended deposit: $200


VCash policies

  1. The VCash account is available to every member of the Vassar community: students, faculty, staff and administrators.
  2. The VCash account remains active for the duration of a student's academic career.
  3. All funds stay in your account until it is closed upon graduation or when a student withdraws from the college. If an account is greater than $5.00 the balance will be refunded.