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Frequently Asked Questions

Exactly where is the Card Office?

The Card Office is part of Computing and Information Services. Stop by the Card Office at the College Center Service Desk.


I am a parent. How do I find out more about VCash and Dining Plans?


How do I obtain my Vassar VCard?

If you are a new student, you will receive your VCard during orientation week. Otherwise, stop by the Card Office at the College Center Service Desk give us a call at #3333.

I can't access my online account. What should I do?

Submit a request or give us a call at 845-451-3333 (x3333 from a campus phone) during normal business hours.

What should I do if I lose my card?

Deactivate your card online and visit the Card Office, at the College Center Service Desk. 


What types of accounts are associated with my VCard?

Dining Bucks, Additional Bucks, VCash and VPrint

Dining Bucks are the tax exempt dollars associated with your meal plan. You can only use Dining Bucks at the dining halls on campus and can only check the balance of Dining Bucks at the registers in the Dining Halls and not on the VCash website. Dining Bucks roll over from semester to semester. They do not roll over from academic year to academic year.

Additional Dining Bucks are also tax exempt dollars for use at the campus dining halls, but unlike Dining Bucks, you can add funds to this account and check your balance, Log into your account. You can also check your Additional Dining Buck balance at the registers. Additional Dining Bucks roll over from semester to semester. They do not roll over from academic year to academic year.

VCash funds are taxable dollars that can be used all over campus, including the dining halls, the Kiosk, the Computer Store, the Bookstore, vending machines and at many off-campus merchants. See more on the VCash page. Log into your account to add money and check the balance.  You can also check your VCash balances at the Dining Hall registers, on VPrint Printers, in the eAccounts mobile app or online.

VPrint is a quota that is given to each student and can be used for printing and copying 8.5 x 11 black/white or color only. You cannot use your quota for any other specialized printing. Your quota is for your personal use and is not transferable. It may not be sold, used for commercial purposes or used to print other people’s work.